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Standard Orbit 227: A Big Glass Ball in Space

Yorktown Station

This week on Standard Orbit hosts Hayley Stoddart and Ken Tripp discuss all things Space Station Yorktown. Star Trek Beyond was a hit for most fans and one of the more interesting locations was Yorktown Space Station. Ken and Hayley review the specifications, community, culture, and technology of this huge space station.

What was the first reaction to seeing Yorktown? Did we get to see enough of the Federation? How was the station lighted and how did the gravity function? Would you be able to ride the mono-rail without getting vertigo? Hayley and Ken do their best to explore these questions and other aspects as well as why it was named Yorktown. Boldly Listen!
Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Yorktown Specs  (00:04:10)
Dubai and Disney World Combined (00:06:34)
Population and Purpose (00:17:46)
What's in a Name? (00:28:02)
The "A" (00:33:06)
POTFM (00:47:05)
Closing (00:49:12)
Hayley Stoddart
Ken Tripp
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