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130: Hello Computer!

Voyaging Home.

In this episode of Standard Orbit, your Refit Crew continues their voyages through the Original Series Cast Movies with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, as they head towards July 22 and BEYOND! After the dramatic gravitas of The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock, there is a very obvious and light-hearted approach towards this movie as Leonard Nimoy wanted to take this in another direction. It wound up being the most successful of the Original Series cast movies at the time in 1986. And it was no secret that the return of Nicholas Meyer had a profoundly positive impact as well.

One of the strongest aspects to The Voyage Home was the story itself as the writing contributions of Harve Bennett and Nicolas Myer added to the overall partnership with Nimoy at the helm. Most of the cast got their "moment" in the movie and we discuss several of our favorite. We also discuss several Star Trek firsts in this film: we saw the first female Starfleet Captain, Christine Chapel in the background in charge of Starfleet Medical and, in our opinion, a story where the team is actually trying to make an impact to the timeline instead of restoring a timeline. We hope you enjoy our show!

Ken Tripp and Jeffrey Harlan

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:03:02)
A Voyage Within The Voyage Home (00:04:45)
A Return to Trek’s Comedy Roots (00:11:33)
Magical Moments for the Crew (00:17:00)
Getting the Band (of writers) Back Together (00:23:22)
A Few Unfamiliar but Welcome Faces (00:26:24)
There Be Music Here (00:33:12)
Firsts of Many (00:37:36)
Thank You for Listening to Standard Orbit (00:49:32)

C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer), Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer), Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer), Charlene Schmiedt (Executive Producer), Ken Tripp (Editor and Associate Producer), Renee Roberts (Associate Producer), Richard Rutledge (Associate Producer), Aaron Harvey (Associate Producer), Richard Marquez (Production Manager), Will Nguyen (Content Manager)

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