Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast

Starship in Peril. 

How often has the Enterprise been in peril from the series through the movies? Zach and Ken have the answer as they explore the episodes and movies where our beloved Starship was in jeopardy of being destroyed (and in one case; it was destroyed).
Whether it was a giant hand in space, self destruct, powerful  beings, advanced aliens, or those pesky Romulans and Klingons; the Starship Enterprise has it's share of close calls. Based on a listener suggestion; Zach and Ken provide a run down on the circumstances and the methods used to save everyone's favorite starship.
Ken Tripp & Zach Moore 
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Houston Envy (00:05:33)
Tom Flint's suggestion (00:10:48)
Enterprise Incidents (00:12:31)
Oh Canada (00:14:22)
Self Destruct (00:16:02)
Meow (00:38:29)
Now the Movies (00:56:13)
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