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Star Trek Continues.

The Original Series quite infamously was never able to complete the five year mission that was promised in its opening credits. This sly attempt by Gene Roddenberry to will a five season run of his new series into existence by mere narration was unfortunately not to be. In recent years many Star Trek fan productions have taken it upon themselves to complete the mission, and this month Star Trek Continues has done exactly that.

In this episode of Standard Orbit, Zach Moore is joined by host of Continuing Mission Tony Robinson to discuss this fan favorite fan series now that it's concluded, how it fits in with TOS, and also tease an exciting new collaboration coming soon to!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:22)   
Star Trek Continues (00:02:42)
Finding Continues (00:06:39)
Cast, Effects, Etc. (00:10:06)
Fitting Into the Five Year Mission  (00:33:01) 
Episodes (00:41:03)
To Boldly Finale (00:58:02) 
Closing (01:14:35) 
Zach Moore

Tony Robinson

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