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Standard Orbit 207: Ask Zach Anything

Host Zach Moore Answers Listener Questions.
In this episode of Standard Orbit, host Zach Moore answers your listener questions from the Babel Conference! What TOS episodes does he think are underrated? Overrated? What are some of his favorite TOS novels? What about Star Trek crossing over with other franchises? And what about fan fiction? All this and much more in Zach's first solo effort behind the mic!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Favorite Kirk and Spock Actors, Discovery Connecting to TOS (00:02:14)
Mirror Universe Facial Hair (00:17:22) 
Bread and Circuses (00:18:31) 
Pitch a Star Trek Series (00:21:52) 
Favorite TOS Novels, Favorite TOS Guest Star (00:28:33) 
Crossovers with Other Franchises (00:35:33) 
Episode That Bests Represents Spirit of Star Trek (00:37:53) 
Gorgan Cosplay, Underrated Episode, Overrated Episodes (00:40:50) 
The Tarantino Factor (00:49:39) 
A Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Armada (00:52:00) 
Fan Fiction (00:53:54) 
Best Kirk Moment (00:56:09) 
Final Thoughts (00:57:29) 
POTFM (00:59:25) 
Closing (01:01:18)
Zach Moore 
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