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Standard Orbit 211: Kicked Upstairs

Gene Roddenberry and Harve Bennett
From the launch of the original series through Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Gene Roddenberry was synonymous with all things Star Trek. With the franchise's future in the balance and in order to bring in a new movie with strict cost control and more resembling the TV show: Harve Bennett was brought in to deliver. 

Zach and Ken discuss this interesting dynamic between these two men and the unpleasantness surrounding their relationship. We focus on the irony of how both individuals actually had a great positive impact on each other but jealousy and pettiness never allowed these two giants in Star Trek lore reconcile their relationship. 

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
From the Beginning... (00:03:01)
He was a Tough Guy (00:07:26) 
Brutally Honest  (00:15:20) 
Here is the Irony (00:28:19) 
Their Last Conversation (00:38:40) 
Final Thoughts (00:41:55) 
Closing (00:49:58)

Ken Tripp
Zach Moore
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