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Standard Orbit 215: Give It To Me On Flip Book

TWOK on VHS, Part 2.

In this episode of Standard Orbit hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore continue their conversation, or Khanversation if you will, with John Tenuto. We talk more odds and ends of The Wrath of Khan including deleted scenes and alternate cuts, as well as get John's take on Discovery and debate the merits of episodic vs. arc-based storytelling.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
TV Movie of the Week? (00:01:51)
Tenuto on Discovery (00:3:45) 
Episodic vs. Story Arc TV (00:07:23) 
Back to Wrath of Khan... (00:15:15) 
Alternate Cuts and Deleted Scenes (00:24:45) 
Final Thoughts (00:34:45) 
POTFM (00:36:55) 
Closing (00:39:13)

Ken Tripp
Zach Moore

John Tenuto
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