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Standard Orbit 216: It Was Like Watching My Mom Fan-Dance 

Star Trek V Panel Discussion.

In this episode of Standard Orbit: we have an all-star team assembled to discuss Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Bill Smith, Hayley Stoddart, and Bryana Fern join host Ken Tripp to dive into the least popular of the TOS era films.

Does The Final Frontier get better with age? What worked and what could have been improved? What were the key themes that do resonate and is it as bad as its reputation? We explore the controversial themes, acting, writing, and the heart of this film. We hope you enjoy Bill's, Hayley's, and Bryana's  considered thoughts and opinions on The Final Frontier in this week's Standard Orbit. Boldly Listen!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Introduction to the panel (00:02:40)
What Went Well? (00:05:36)
What Were The Missed Ppportunities? (00:18:14)
The Score (0046:44)
A Lot Better Than Nemesis! (01:04:16)
POTFM (01:06:53)
Closing (01:12:25) 

Ken Tripp

William Smith
Hayley Stoddart
Bryana Fern
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