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Standard Orbit 219: Treknology

Interview with Dr. Ethan Siegel

On this week's Standard Orbit; Hayley Stoddart and Ken Tripp have a great time discussing Dr. Ethan Siegel's book "Treknology".  Ethan is a PhD astorphysicist, science writer, and author and a long time Star Trek fan. This high energy and entertaining look at some of Star Trek's key technology is a must listen and his book a must read.

Learn what traveling at Impulse Power would do to the human body. How deflector shields, phasers, and cloaking ability may not be that far away. We promise you'll be fully engaged; learning, laughing, and thinking about the wonders that may lay ahead if the Star Trek universe became a reality. Dr. Siegel, Hayley, and Ken invite you to sip some synthahol and boldly listen!  

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
From the Beginning (00:03:10)
Impulse Power Failure (00:18:33) 
Deflector Shield Tech (00:25:03) 
Quantum Torpedo (00:33:20) 
Cloaking Technology (00:40:13)
Phasers and Synthahol (00:43:55)
Space Kilts and POTFM (01:00:50) 
Closing (00:39:19)

Hayley Stoddart
Ken Tripp

Dr. Ethan Siegel
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