Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast
Standard Orbit 225: Layers: It's Cold In Space

Starfleet Uniforms.

This week hosts Ken Tripp, Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart talk uniforms! Gold, blue and tan or gold, blue and red? Women: pants or skirts? And was Kirk's wrap around the only green duty uniform or did our eyes deceive us? How do the “pajamas” of TMP compare to their “monster maroon” successors?

All this and what our favorite uniform styles are, and what we might be wearing the next time you see us at a convention! Join Starfleet and don your uniform in this week’s Standard Orbit!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Ken's Thoughts On Discoprise (00:01:55)
Uniform Beginnings (00:05:10)
Tri-colored Uniforms (00:10:20)
Women in Dresses (00:13:25)
The Utility of the Uniforms (00:17:20)
Random Uniforms (00:19:00)
The Original Series Films (00:25:05)
The Kelvin Timeline Films (00:44:55)
Favorite Uniforms (00:57:15)
POTFM (01:06:56) 
Closing (01:08:54)

Ken Tripp
Zach Moore
Hayley Stoddart
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