Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast
TOS and Batman: The Animated Series.

This week host Zach Moore is joined by fellow Trekkie and Batman superfan Chris Clow to talk the many crossover talents between The Original Series and what many consider the best animated show of all time, Batman: The Animated Series. With the recent announcement of Batman: The Animated Series being remastered and released in HD, this seemed like the perfect time to discuss the incredible actors who've graced both the stages of TOS and the sound booths of BTAS. From first-tier Batman villains to one-off supporting characters; Nichelle Nichols, Michael Ansara, David Warner, the list goes on!

We also talk Chris' Star Trek fandom and his own Trek podcast, Discovery Debrief!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Chris Clow: Star Trek Fan (00:01:55)
Batman: The Animated Series (00:13:06)
Michael Ansara, Mr. Freeze (00:16:45)
David Warner, Ra’s al Ghul (00:26:35)
Nichelle Nichols, Thoth Khepera (00:33:55)
Malcolm McDowell, Arcady Duvall (00:38:21)
Diana Muldaur, Leslie Thompkins (00:43:06)
Malachi Throne, The Judge/The New Batman Adventures = TOS Season 3 (00:46:11)
William Windom, Ethan Clark (00:54:03)
Paul Winfield, Earl Cooper (00:56:15)
George Murdock, Boss Biggis (01:00:24)
Brock Peters, Lucius Fox (01:05:12)
Final Thoughts (01:14:4 5)
POTFM (01:20:10) 
Closing (01:22:46)

Zach Moore

Chris Clow
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