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Standard Orbit 239: Double Your Shatner, Double Your Fun

What Are Little Girls Made Of Commentary.

This week on Standard Orbit host Zach Moore is joined by Brandon-Shea Mutala to complete their trilogy of commentaries on the episodes of TOS written by famous horror author Robert Bloch with What Are Little Girls Made Of. An episode that doesn't seem to generate much discussion in fan circles, its one of Zach and Brandon's favorites so strap yourself onto the turntable next to your android duplicate and get ready for a fun conversation!

Would you want to download yourself into an android body? Is there a "soul" component that would be missing if you did? What ARE little girls made of? All these questions and more pondered in this week's Standard Orbit!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:27)
What Are Little Podcasts Made Of? (00:01:54)
What Are Little Girls Made Of Commentary (00:06:11)
Final Thoughts (00:56:30)
POTFM (00:59:58)
Closing (01:01:56)

Zach Moore

Brandon-Shea Mutala
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