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Standard Orbit 243: Northeast Trek Convention

Discussions and Starfleet International Interview

This week on Standard Orbit: Ken Tripp teams up with Brandon-Shea Mutala at the Northeast Trek Convention in Albany, New York. Ken and Brandon share their adventure and observations recorded from inside the Albany Capital Center.

For the first time Ken and Brandon were able to set up a station at a Star Trek convention and meet and greet Star Trek fans from all over. Lots of fellow podcasters were also on hand as well as the various Trek celebs, writers, and artists. Ken interviews two leaders from Starfleet International on the functions and charitable causes they drive in New York and New Jersey. Boldly Listen!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:25)
Trek through Albany's restaurants (00:01:40)
The Convention Adventure (00:3:45)
Interview with Starfleet International  (00:16:50)
POTFM (00:30:00)
Closing (00:31:28)

Ken Tripp
Brandon-Shea Mutala

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