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Standard Orbit 244: The Devil In The Details

The Devi In The Dark Episode Discussion.

This week on Standard Orbit hosts Ken Tripp, Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart discuss the classic episode The Devil In The Dark. From its progressive message of understanding and communication to the minutia of Janus VI's maps and uniforms, it's a fun conversation about one of Star Trek's finest hours.

How is the crew's stance on the Horta different from that on the M-113 Creature? With all the talk of Phaser I and Phaser II, where is the phaser rifle from Where No Man Has Gone Before? Would a permanent chief of security character have fit in on TOS? All this and much more on this week's Standard Orbit, boldly listen!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:27)
Initial Thoughts In The Dark (00:01:55)
Unique Teaser, Phaser I and Phaser II (00:09:16)
No Kill I (00:13:00)
The Horta (00:19:00)
You're A Healer, There's A Patient (00:24:02)
Janus VI Maps, Desk Decorations and Uniforms (00:27:44)
A TOS Security Chief (00:31:01)
No Uhura (00:35:31)
Final Thoughts (00:40:47)
POTFM (00:44:47)
Closing (00:46:59)

Ken Tripp
Zach Moore
Hayley Stoddart

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