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Standard Orbit 250: Who Mourns For Phillips?

Odd Jobs On The Enterprise.

This week on Standard Orbit, hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore discuss the odd jobs on the original Enterprise. From historians to meteorologists, often times the characters who hold these positions appear out of nowhere for one story and are never heard from again. Which of these highly specialized jobs make sense to have on a starship, which ones don't, and what other types of officers would we have liked to have seen on the Enterprise?

Do technicians really do all the work? Counselors weren't standard crew members until the 24th century, but there were psychiatrists on board in the 23rd and just as important. Shouldn't the Enterprise be leaving sociologists on every planet where they uproot the population's way of life before leaving for the next mission? All this and more in this week's Standard Orbit, boldly listen!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:27)
Odd Jobs On The Enterprise (00:02:30)
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer (00:06:18)
Astrobiologist (00:11:16)
Astrophysicist (00:13:12)
Chemist (00:19:16)
Geologist, Geological Technician (00:23:08)
Historian (00:28:25)
Meteorologist (00:33:25)
Psychiatrist (00:37:04)
Radiation Specialist (00:44:38)
Sociologist (00:46:53)
Jobs We Wanted To See, Final Thoughts (00:51:15)
POTFM (01:00:18)
Closing (01:02:24)

Ken Tripp
Zach Moore

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