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Standard Orbit 189: Into Darkness-There is Trek in You!
There is Trek in Darkness
In this episode of Standard Orbit: Ken reviews the best scenes that personify Star Trek within Into Darkness. From Captain Pike's interest in Kirk's success, Spock's response to discipline, and the incredible speech at the end of the movie; Into Darkness has its Star Trek moments.

Many fans feel Star Trek Into Darkness failed to meet expectations and it was just another high speed sci-fi action movie. Many felt the film didn't take the time to incorporate the elements long time fans were craving in the re-boots. While that is true in certain aspects; Star Trek Into Darkness may have some of the better character moments of the new movies. Enjoy listening to the key scenes that epitomize Star Trek and please let us know your opinions on the Babel Conference.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:22)
Shout out to Zach, Houston, and Florida (00:02:08)
Intro to Into Darkness (00:02:38)
Some Social Issues (00:04:48)   
Standing in front of the Admiral (00:08:00)
A True Mentor (00:11:40)
Death of Pike (00:15:04)
To Boldly Go (00:16:44)
The Journey Re-starts (00:19:45)
POTFM (00:22:05)
Thanks for Listening (00:26:24) 

Ken Tripp

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