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44: I Wanna Make My Box A Little Bigger

Aspect Ratios of The Undiscovered Country and Into Darkness.

What happens when a film can't seem to decide what it's supposed to look like? In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike tells Drew all about the two most controversial aspect ratios in Star Trek history, those of The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek Into Darkness. What are the actual intended aspect ratios of these two films? What is the difference between 35mm and Super 35? What shape should IMAX be? Find out all about film and ratios in the final part of our aspect ratio series!


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Back into AR (0:55)

Aspect Ratio of TUC = 2.2:1 OR 2.39:1 (1:15)

And The Rest (TNG - ENT) (18:57)

Aspect Ratio of Star Trek 09 = 2.39:1 (22:34)

Aspect Ratios of Into Darkness = 1.9:1/2.39:1 OR 1.66:1/2.39:1 OR 1.78:1/2.39:1 OR 2.39:1 (24:59)

Should Mike Get A Tattoo? (40:25)

Closing (42:56)

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