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45: The Gorn Is My Happy Place

Season One Top Five.

Sometimes you just have to choose your favorite children. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew pick their top five episodes from Season 1 of The Original Series. What choices do they have in common? Are there any surprises? And could TOS Season One be the best Season One in Trekdom? Find out in this Gorn-tastic episode!


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Intro (1:37)

Mike’s #5 / Drew’s #5: “Balance of Terror” (3:32)

Mike’s #4: “Space Seed” (5:29)

Drew’s #3: “The Corbomite Maneuver” (7:11)

Mike’s #3: “The Cage” (8:54)

Drew’s #2: “The Devil In The Dark” (10:46)

Mike’s #2: Drew’s #1 - “The City On The Edge Of Forever” (14:47)

Mike’s #1: Drew’s #4 - “Arena” (18:29)

Comics & Star Wars Sidebar (21:14)

TOS Season One vs Other Seasons Ones (25:11)

Closing (30:33)

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