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46: Work Together As a T

Spock in Command.

When Kirk is away, the crew will play Captain. What does Kirk try to teach his first officer when he's out of service? Does it take two passionate individuals to balance out the logical one? Does Spock use the lessons he learns under Kirk’s captaincy to make the right decisions to save his crew? Listen and find out in this episode of Standard Orbit as Mike and Drew discuss the idea of Spock in command of the Enterprise and examine instances where Spock is thrown into command, whether he wants to be or not.

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No Galileo Seven This Time (1:33)
Gamesters of Triskellion (2:43)
The Tholian Web (12:32)
The Wrath of Khan (22:47)
The Undiscovered Country (31:51)
The Other Spock (34:16)
Closing (36:32)

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