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62: The Butterfly Effect

Mirror, Mirror Commentary.

Wikipedia tells us that "the butterfly effect is the phenomenon whereby a minor change in circumstances can cause a large change in outcome." In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew do a commentary for the most butterfly-effecty episode of The Original Series, "Mirror, Mirror". While Drew may not care for the concept, he has to agree that this episode is a fantastic piece of work. However, he still had a few questions he and Mike discuss: Why are people so afraid of Vulcans in the Mirror Universe? How comfortable are the space beds everyone has in both universes? And what is the most trivial trivia that could possibly be pointed out? Find out the answers to these and so much more while we talk over one of our (and your!) favorite episodes!

Drew Stewart and Mike Schindler
Editor and Producer
Drew Stewart
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Richard Marquez
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Will Nguyen
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