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43: It’s Two Point Three NINE to One!

Standard Orbit 43: It’s Two Point Three NINE to One!

Have you ever looked at TOS or one of the movies and wondered why there were black bars on the top or sides? In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike tells Drew all about aspect ratios, what they are and why they're different. What makes the movies look cinematic? Why does the Blu-ray of TOS not fill the screen of your HDTV? Mike answers all these questions and more in the first of our two-parter on the changing aspect ratios of Star Trek!


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The Assignment Earth for C.TS:1 (1:34)

What ARE Aspect Ratios, Mr. Schindler? (3:44)

Aspect Ratio of TOS & TAS = 1.33:1 (10:49)

Aspect Ratio of TMP = 2.39:1 (18:22)

Aspect Ratios of TWOK - TFF = 2.39:1 & 2.2:1 (27:36)

Changing Aspect Ratios for Home Video (30:26)

Closing (33:45)

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