Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast
48: Sulu 2 The Rescue

Hikaru Sulu.

Few characters in Star Trek experience actual advancement in their careers. Even fewer of them go through as many random jobs to get there as Hikaru Sulu. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew take a close look at Mr. Sulu, the head of astrosciences turned botanist turned helmsman turned starship captain. We talk about his many adventures on the Enterprise, how he got his own command, and how awesome of a captain he must have been.

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Sulu Finds His Place in TOS (2:02)
Sulu Pilots around TOS (8:51)
Casting Sulu (12:55)
Sulu In The Movies (15:02)
Sulu In The Two-Way Mirror Universe (27:48)
Closing (34:41)

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