Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast

Scary Star Trek.

Zach welcomes Brandi Jackola to Standard Orbit to discuss the scariest scenes and episodes of TOS and the TOS movies. 

How old were you when started watching Star Trek? Were you turning away or did something catch you so off guard it made you jump and catch your breath? Zach and Brandi warp into the scariest scenes from the lens of their childhood and how the views have changed or still have an impact as an adult viewer.

Buckle up and enjoy another deep diving, tangent filled, and fun episode of Standard Orbit.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)   
Star Trek can be scary (00:02:00)
The Twilight Zone Window (00:05:14)
Brandi's Trek Fandom (00:06:47)
Devil in the Dark (00:16:43)
Operation Annihilate  (00:22:00) 
Screaming in the Transporter (00:24:06) 
Cornucopia of Death (00:30:34)
Star Trek's Star War's Holiday Special (00:36:39) 
M100 Creature (00:41:42)
Doug (00:44:53)
POTFM (00:48:33)
Closing (00:53:11)   
Zach Moore

Brandi Jackola

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