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Standard Orbit 220: Discoprise

TOS in Discovery Season 2 and Star Trek 4 and 5.
In this episode of Standard Orbit hosts Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart discuss the exciting news released recently regarding Discovery's second season, there being not one but two new Star Trek films in development, and how all this relates to The Original Series
There is plenty of speculation and expectations amongst fans with regards to the meeting of the Enterprise and Discovery and their respective crews. With this in mind, we discuss what we are excited about...and maybe not so excited about. Then we share our excitement over having the first female director in the film franchise, what a fourth Kelvin Timeline movie might look like, and what the other (possibly Tarantino-directed) movie might be.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Discovery Season 2 (00:02:26)
Redshirt Rant (00:07:20)
Spock in Discovery (00:14:58)
The Enterprise in Discovery (00:20:42)
Captain Pike and Anson Mount (00:29:23)
Not One, But Two Films (00:36:15)
S.J. Clarkson (00:37:39)
Tarantino's Film: A Return To TNG? (00:44:02)
Final Thoughts (01:01:00) 
POTFM (01:02:04) 
Closing (01:04:01)

Zach Moore
Hayley Stoddart
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