Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast

James. Tiberius. Kirk.

There is no captain greater. And in this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew take a close look at Star Trek's original explorer-captain, Jim Kirk. Find out why they think he's the best, how being in movies changed Kirk, and how much Mike loves William Shatner (SPOILER: a lot). Plus, tune in to find how why Kirk doesn't like to lose!

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Meet the Pilots.

The Original Series was a first for television in that the studio loved the pilot so much they ordered a second one. In honor of Standard Orbit's second episode, Mike and Drew compare and contrast the pilots and ponder what the future would have been like if the studio hadn't ordered a second pilot. Which pilot is better? Which one is deeper? Would the franchise have existed without Shatner? 

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1: Sometimes You Need The Cheese

Meet the Crew.

Welcome to Standard Orbit,'s newest show on Star Trek's oldest show: The Original Series! What started as an "anthology show with standing sets" in the late 1960s has become a cultural icon over the past 47 years. In the premiere episode of Standard Orbit, Drew and Mike tell the stories of how they were introduced to Star Trek, discuss why The Original Series has endured for so long, and share some of their favorite episodes. 

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