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Talking Spock with Dave Rossi.

Mr. Spock may be one of the most intriguing characters in Star Trek. Two natures always battling. Logic vs emotion. What is that makes this character so special that pretty much all of the franchise is based on him? Mike and Drew are joined again by Dave Rossi (Visual Effects Producer for Star Trek Remastered) to talk Spock. Would the franchise have survived without Spock? Would Kirk? Was Spock's presence necessary in the latest movies? Plus, find out what Mike has engraved on his wedding band!

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Dave Rossi on Star Trek Remastered.

How do you spice up a 40-year-old TV show for the 21st century while still being respectful of the originals? In this double-length episode of Standard Orbit, Mike & Drew talk to Dave Rossi, visual effects producer for Star Trek Remastered, about how he got involved in the project, the challenges, the fears, and the rules they tried to follow.

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Gene Roddenberry.

There would be no Star Trek without its creator, Gene Roddenberry. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Drew and Mike take a look at the Great Bird of the Galaxy. We look at his work on The Original Series, how his vision of the future changed with The Next Generation, and what he would have thought of the Trek created after his death. 

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Kirk vs. Computers.

One of Captain Kirk's many talents is his ability to talk computers into self-destructing. In this episode of Standard Orbit Mike and Drew take a look at three such instances. We discuss how he got a little help from Spock in “The Return of the Archons,” how he mastered the skill in “The Changeling,” and how he just got lucky in “The Ultimate Computer.” We also ponder whether or not Clint Eastwood is a Trekkie. 

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