Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast
37: How’s The Beaming Thing?

IDW Ongoing Comic Comparison: The Galileo Seven.

The missions of the new version of the old crew continue in the comics! In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew discuss issues 3 & 4 of the IDW Star Trek Ongoing series, based on the classic Spock episode "The Galileo Seven." We point out the changes and discuss whether Spock is more self-sacrificing or more motivated to save lives after the loss of Vulcan. We also pitch the next vignette for Star Trek Continues, featuring everyone's favorite thing: Vulcan PowerPoint Presentations!

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36: Takes Place In Star Trek Continuity

Unlikely Spinoffs of TOS.

Did you ever wish there was more than the existing 725 episodes and 12 movies that took place in the Star Trek Universe? In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike tells Drew about three possible crossovers that you might not have considered. How does Michael Knight fit into Star Trek continuity? Does Django Unchained eventually lead into Star Trek? What else did J.J. Abrams bring into the universe? Find out all this and more in this mind-exploding episode!

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35: Super-Duper Walkie-Talkies

Technology Influences of TOS.

Star Trek has been influencing people to better themselves for almost 50 years. But people haven’t just been bettering themselves, they’ve been bettering technology to go along with them. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew discuss three technologies from TOS that influenced the way we interact today. We mourn the death of flip phones in this smartphone era, cover the contest to create a real-life medical tricorder, and talk about the video-chat technologies that enable this and our other podcasts to exist.

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34: Stick My Rock Monsters Back In

Star Trek V 25th Anniversary.

This year's final movie anniversary we're going to celebrate is the appropriately-titled Final Frontier. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew reflect on Star Trek V on its 25th anniversary. We share our first viewings, what we think about it today, how it could be redeemed, and how much the lack of Rock Monsters hurt the final product. Plus, Mike tells us all about his favorite DVD bonus feature of all time, the infamous Star Trek V Press Conference. Could the press conference have been improved with more Rock Monsters? Find out in this thrilling episode!

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Star Trek III 30th Anniversary.

A lot of times, the third movie in a franchise gets a bad rap. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew look back on The Search For Spock on its 30th anniversary, discussing our first times seeing it, what we like about it, and how it might undo The Wrath of Khan. We talk about the odd-number-movie rule and if it's accurate, and even compare the movie to Alien3.

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