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Star Trek Origins: Cloaking Device

In this episode of Standard Orbit, we launch into our second origins outline looking at the deployment and use of the cloaking device from its initial debut in Balance of Terror, to its evolution over the course of the franchise through The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

A game changing piece of technology, we explore how having the cloaking device adds such a huge tactical advantage to those who have it, try to understand the reasoning behind Starfleet not using it themselves (until the Dominion War) and its applications beyond starships such as personal cloaking tech and cloaked mines.

Ken Tripp and Zach Moore
Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:11) 
Balance of Terror/The Enterprise Incident (00:01:57) 
TOS Films (00:14:35) 
The Next Generation Era (00:26:26)
Starfleet: To Cloak Or Not To Cloak? (00:33:06)
The Defiant (00:36:21)
Starfleet: To Cloak Or Not To Cloak?, Cont. (00:40:00)

The Jem'Hadar (00:42:12)
"All Good Things..." Enterprise-D (00:45:45)
Cloaked Mines (46:49)
Final Thoughts (00:48:43)
Thank You for Listening to Standard Orbit (00:52:32)


C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer), Ken Tripp (Executive Producer), Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer), Charlene Schmiedt (Executive Producer), Zach Moore (Editor), Renee Roberts (Associate Producer), Richard Rutledge (Associate Producer), Aaron Harvey (Associate Producer), Richard Marquez (Production Manager)
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Monday, October 31, 2016

00 hour 56 minutes 41 seconds


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