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Standard Orbit 196: Star Trek Origins: Season 3
Iconic Star Trek in Season 3.

We've had an ongoing miniseries on Standard Orbit we've called "Star Trek Origins" where we explore certain touchstones both real and fictional that became defining focal points for the franchise for years to come. You can find these previous discussions in Standard Orbit 139, 145 and 161 and this week we're back at it again!

In this episode of Standard Orbit, host Zach Moore is joined by author and critic Darren Mooney to examine how the often maligned third season is responsible for a lot of what we now deem iconic Star Trek. Honorable Klingons, Klingon/Romulan coexistence, ladykiller Kirk...the list goes on!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:22)   
Darren Mooney: Star Trek Fan (00:02:17)
TOS Season 3 (00:13:23)
James Kirk: Ladies Man (00:17:38)
Forget vs. Remember, Black and White, Space Hippies (00:24:50)  
Full Shatner (00:26:58)
Darren's Favorites (00:31:35)  
Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans and More (00:34:16) 
IDIC (00:43:14)  
Kelvin Timeline (00:45:02)  
James Kirk: Ladies Man, Contd. and Love Interests For Everyone (00:48:05)
Closing (00:57:16)  
Zach Moore

Darren Mooney

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