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Standard Orbit 201: TOS for a New Generation

Mother Daughter Intro to TOS
Ken and Zach are joined by Hayley Stoddart to discuss her and her daughter's first time watching of the original series. The discussion focuses on the first time view from an adult Star Trek fan and how a child views this iconic franchise.

Many Trek fan families introduce this special franchise to their kids and it creates a special bond in having a common interest. With all the shows in the Star Trek family; it is nothing but joy for Zach and Ken to talk through the original cast with Hayley and get introduced to a new generation of fans. Sit back and enjoy this episode of Standard Orbit!

Intro (00:01:22) 
Welcome Hayley (00:02:03) 
A 60's Show (00:14:50) 
Spock, Data, and humor (00:16:32) 
Diversity and Inclusion (00:30:48)
Nobody knows what this is (00:49:19)
POTFM (00:54:21)
Closing (00:59:00)
Ken Tripp and Zach Moore
Hayley Stoddart
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