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50: The Sun/Son Pun
Parallel Earths in Season Two.

There is a scientific theory that, since space is infinite, it's not impossible for there to be planets that are almost identical to our own. Of course, they would be impossibly far away. In the Star Trek universe, almost every other inhabited planet is a direct parallel to Earth. It was in Roddenberry's pitch to the networks and even explained in-show as "Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development."
By the second season of The Original Series, even NBC was tired of using this plot; but sometimes good sci-fi requires some obvious parallels. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew talk about three examples from the second half of Season Two and how much of the reuse was the stories needing to be told versus how much money they could save.
Drew Stewart and Mike Schindler
Editor and Producer
Drew Stewart
Associate Producers
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Introduction to Parallel Earths (0:56)
Bread And Circuses (3:23)
A Piece Of The Action (12:02)
Patterns of Force (18:01)
Closing (24:56)
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